Our Global Partners

We build strategic partnerships with Christian non-profit organizations around the world.

Locally, we team up with partners to share costs, raise funds, and draw volunteers. For partners beyond our geographical reach, we team up to fund and assist one another’s operating programs.

Building a Strategic Partnership​

Personal Relationships

 We build strategic partnerships through personal relationships with organizational members.


We determine through personal relationships that the mission, vision, and core Christian values of an organization align with those of GEmS

Our partners, ranging from local churches to a foreign public charity, share our vision of service:

Good News Service Society (India)

Good News Service Society (GNSS) is a public charity, registered with the state of Madhya Pradesh in India, with an objective to serve the poorest of the poor in that country. 

 As global partners, we help each other by raising funds and providing assistance to each other’s programs. GNSS provides educational services for children, women, and young adults in India.

  1.  The Jeevan Jyoti School
  2.    The Anmol Kids Day-Care Centers (Precious Kids)
  3. The Sahara Kiran Foster Home
  1. The Anugraha (Grace) Tailoring and Literacy Centers for Women
  2. The Bagmugalia Jeevan Jyoti Computer Training Centers for Young Adults
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Horizon Christian Fellowship (Fitchburg, MA)

Horizon Christian Fellowship (HCF), located in Fitchburg, a city in north-central Massachusetts is a part of the Calvary Chapel family of churches. Established by Pastor George Small and his wife Paula back in the 1990s, HCF is heavily involved in the support of a number of ministries and missions organizations around the world. Pastor George and the congregation as a whole have supported the GeMS ministry for years now with generous monthly financial giving and direct volunteer involvement with our adult ESL classes and regular large group activities. They have, for example, hosted large group gatherings at the church around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays for several years now. We also anticipate that HCF will help host a new endeavor, which will involve an immigration law center to provide low income immigrant families with legal assistance including applying for asylum in the U.S.